The beginning of historical and artistic periodic in Odessa at the end of the xix century

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Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
The purpose of this article is to cover one of the episodes in the initial stage of publishing Odessa almanacs or collections, the authors of which tried to raise to a new professional level the study of the history and theory of art and methods of familiarizing with public art. The object of our study is the collection “From the world of art and science”. Despite the general failure of the project as a periodical, two issues of the collection “From the world of art and science” should be considered a bright phenomenon of cultural development in Odessa during the era of modernization. In this case, the modernization was reflected in the desire of A. O. Matveev to lay the foundations of scientific art history in Odessa, which N. P. Kondakov did at the highest scientific level at the same time in this city, and combined it with the tasks of popularizing and teaching methods of art. The insufficiently defined collection’s character, either as a purely scientific, or as a popularizing and pedagogical one, probably did not attract representatives of the Scientific Humanitarian elite of Odessa, professors of Novorossiysk University – N. P. Kondakov, literary historian A. I. Kirpichnikov, byzantinist F. I. Uspensky, whose works could raise it to a higher level. The collection helped to familiarize first of all Odessa residents with the latest achievements of Art History thought in Western Europe at that time, because A. A. Matveev richly saturated the text with numerous references to the works of Western European scientists, the presentation of their thoughts. The collection is a source for learning about the development of art history pedagogy in Odessa, because some of its articles were lectures by teachers of the Odessa Drawing School. The elegantly published collection is one of the testimonies about the development of printing in Odessa, the experience of highquality publication of art works. The editor’s interdisciplinary approach and desire to integrate various but related branches of art and Science (History, Art History, Literary Studies, musicology) have not lost their relevance.
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Odesa, collection, art criticism, science, historiography
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