Problematics of cognitive onomastics

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The objective of this article is systematization of the theoretical premises of cognitive onomastics, so it is aimed at specification of the corresponding terminological apparatus as well as certain basic notions. The object of the investigation embraces mental being of proper names, while its subject — organization of onymic concepts in the mental lexicon of man. Proper names exist in the language, while the language exists in the heads of human beings, in their mental lexicons, and emerges as speech in communicative acts. What onymic entities exist in mental lexicon and in what forms — that is the main problem of cognitive onomastics, which makes it a com-pletely new trend in the study of proper names. Entering mental lexicon, due to the processes of conceptualization and categorization, onyms transform into concepts and find their place, formingframes and subframes. Onymic concepts, understood as the unit of information storage, may exist in two forms: active and passive, the former being actualized in the process of their immediate employment in communication, while the latter is applied to the concepts, which are not in the immediate use, only stored in memory depository in the form of embryos of thought. Onymic concepts are connected with other elements of mental lexicon as their organizers, optimizing the functioning of mental lexicon and increasing its effectiveness. Future trends of this research should be aimed at widening of the repertory of the investigated languages in order to establish common and distinctive features of the onymic fragments in the ethnic conceptual and verbal images of the world.
Статтю присвячено осмисленню ментального буття власних назв, які в результаті процесів концептуалізацїї та категоризації портапляють у ментальний лексикон людини, перетворюючись на онімні концепти та шикуючись у фрейми та субфрейми.
Статья посвящена осмыслению ментального бытия имен собственных, которые в результате процессов концептуализации и категоризации попадают в ментальный лексикон человека, превращаясь в онимные концепты и выстраиваясь во фреймы и субфреймы.
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proper name, cognitive onomastics, mental lexicon, concept, frame, власна назва, когнітивна ономастика, ментальний лексикон, концепт, фрейм, имя собственное, когнитивная ономастика, ментальный лексикон, концепт, фрейм
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Записки з ономастики = Opera in onomastica