Особливості об’єкта договору добровільного медичного страхування

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Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
У статті проаналізована існуюча нормативна база України, яка забезпечує функціонування договору добровільного медичного страхування. Висвітлено основні проблеми в визначенні об’єкту договору добровільного медичного страхування. Вивчена категорія здоров’я, як об’єкта договору добровільного медичного страхування.
В статье дан анализ существующей нормативной базы Украины, которая обеспечивает функционирование договора добровольного медицинского страхования. Выделены основные проблемы в определении объекта договора добровольного медицинского страхования. Определена категория здоровья, как объекта договора добровольного медицинского страхования.
The health insurance system is presented in the form of compulsory and voluntary health insurance. In each of the species a medical insurance contract is drawn up, which has its object. Concerning the object of the contract of voluntary medical insurance there is no common opinion. The lack of common views on the subject and object of the treaty makes it possible to distinguish quite different views on the essence of these legal phenomena: – under the terms of any civil law contract, understand the actions that each debtor must carry out, and the object to which these actions are directed; in the contract a legal object is distinguished – actions and material object – a thing or other good for which the behavior is directed; the subject is the actions (inaction) of any civil law contract, and they distinguish in contracts a complex object consisting of several objects; the object of the contract is determined by the complex and distinguishable legal (is double, based on the number of parties), volitional (property interests), property (is double, based on the definition of the parties’ agreement on the insurance payment and insurance premium), and the subject of the contract is considered material The object of the relationship created by the contract. We believe that health is the object of the contract of voluntary medical insurance. In the Ukrainian legislation, this category is defined in the Fundamentals of the Ukrainian legislation on health care, namely: «health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of diseases and physical defects.» We consider it to be too extensive and ideal and we suggest to use: health is a state of an individual in which he is able to perform his functions in a physical and social field in full and in a qualitative manner.
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договір добровільного медичного страхування, об’єкт договору страхування, категорія здоров’я людини, договор добровольного медицинского страхования, объект договора страхования, категория здоровья, contract of voluntary medical insurance, object of the insurance contract, category of health
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Правова держава = Правовое государство = Сonstitutional State