Проблематика фінансування ЗМІ під час воєнного стану та шляхи її вирішення

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Стаття присвячена висвітленню проблематики фінансування медійної галузі під час криз та війн. Вивченню питання, з якими основними труднощами зустрілися Українські засоби масової інформації, після початку повномасштабного вторгнення Російської Федерації на територію України. Аналізу фінансових інструментів, які використовуються для виживання та розвитку ЗМІ.
The article is devoted to the issue of financing the media industry during crises and wars. The main difficulties faced by the Ukrainian mass media after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine are studied. Analyzing the financial instruments used for the survival and development of the media. We all understand that the media is not only a source of information space, but also one of the sectors of the state’s economy. Therefore, as we turn the page of the second year of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, we cannot but address the question: “What financial difficulties did our media face during the war, how did they overcome them, and what are the possible sources of funding now?” That is, to look into the eternal question “Where to get money?” and how can media enterprises survive in times of crisis? Unfortunately, the problem of media funding during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has not yet been sufficiently addressed in scientific research. However, due to the extreme relevance of this problem, it was primarily addressed by journalists themselves, raising it at journalistic forums and in their materials. The purpose of the article is to outline the problem of media financing during the war and the ways to solve it that are used by Ukrainian media in everyday life. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to consider changes in grant support for the media, analyze support from volunteer “donors”, consider the possibility of contracts with local authorities for coverage as a source of funding, consider potential opportunities for paying for content, analyze state support for Ukrainian media, and more. Thus, the loss of 90% of the advertising market at the beginning of the invasion, the departure of some journalists abroad, the inability to fulfill their financial obligations, the loss of offices and many other disappointments did not stop active, dedicated professionals in their desire to create! And tools, especially those such as finance, are always available when you have a great desire and a dream. Since Ukrainian journalism has been addressing the issue of alternative financing for two years, the field for further research is almost unlimited, and many economic experts are just now beginning to delve into this issue.
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фінансування засобів масової інформації, воєнні конфлікти, фінансова криза, грантова підтримка, рекламний бюджет, державне фінансування, пільгове кредитування, незалежні ЗМІ, відбудова України
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Мірошниченко В. Проблематика фінансування ЗМІ під час воєнного стану та шляхи її вирішення / В. Мірошниченко // Діалог: медіастудії. – 2023. – Вип. 29. – С. 117–124.