Інструменталізація образу українського козацтва серед американської української діаспори під час антикомуністичної війни США у В’єтнамі у 1960-х – 1970-х роках

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Метою цієї статті є дослідження інструменталізації образу українського козацтва серед української діаспори США щодо подій В’єтнамської війни у 1960-х – 1970-х роках. Предметом уваги були два аспекти: використання образу козацтва у діяльності українців, що воювали у складі армії США та пропаганда цього образу у рефлексії пред- ставників української діаспори. Використання образу козацтва серед українців США під час війни у В’єтнамі мало позитивне значення для інтеграції українців у громадський простір США, актуалізації українських традицій. Найваж- ливішою цементуючою ланкою у процесі актуалізації козацьких традицій став «Пласт» та його часопис «Юнак».
The purpose of this article is to study the instrumentalization of the image of the Ukrainian Cossacks among the Ukrainian diaspora of the United States in relation to the events of the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s. Two aspects were the subject of attention: the use of the image of Cossacks in the activities of Ukrainians who fought in the US army and the promotion of this image in the reflection of representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora. Consequently, the US war against the communist threat in Vietnam was perceived by the Ukrainian diaspora in the US as a continuation of the age-old struggle against Russia. It is natural that Ukrainians, soldiers of the US army, were perceived in particular as bearers of Cossack traditions. Naturally, the emphasis was placed on the anti-Russian pages of the Cossacks' activities. Modern cosmopolitan historiography often gives the concept of "instrumentation of history" a completely negative connotation. We cannot agree with this. History has always been, is and will be a part of the social and ideological process. The use of the image of Cossacks among Ukrainians in the United States during the Vietnam War had a positive effect on the integration of Ukrainians into the public space of the United States and the actualization of Ukrainian traditions. "Plast" and its magazine "Yunak" became the most important cementing link in the actualization of Cossack traditions. In general, on the example of the war in Vietnam, we can see how modern turning events affect our attitude to assessments of the past. Once slandered by neo- Marxists and other leftists of all shades as "unfair interference in sovereign affairs", now, against the background of Russian aggression, which continues precisely the traditions of the left, Chekist forces, special operations of Lenin-Stalin-Brezhnev, interest in this war is growing precisely as an experience struggle with currently relevant threats, the lost chance to prevent them. Of course, at the same time, there is a reassessment of the participation of ethnic Ukrainians in these events from something shy to heroic, which contains a significant educational potential for modern defenders of Ukraine. This had a positive effect on increasing the self-esteem of the still-living veterans of this war of Ukrainian origin, their due respect, and the involvement of some of them (P. Sodol) as experts in Ukraine's latest anti-Russian war.
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українська діаспора, антикомунізм, антикомуністична війна США у В’єтнамі, українське козацтво, козацька ідея, Ukrainian diaspora, anti-communism, US anti-communist war in Vietnam, Ukrainian Cossacks, Cossack idea
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