Purposeful formation of inorganic particles in ion exchange and inert polymers

Main regularities for precipitation of inorganic modifiers inside ion exchange (weakly and strongly acidic as well as strongly basic; flexible and rigid) and inert polymers are considered. The Ostwald-Friendlich equation was applied to obtain the relations, which allows us to determine the conditions for purposeful formation of one or other particles (non-aggregated nanoparticles, aggregates and agglomerates). The obtained composites were investigated with methods of transmission and scanning electron microscopy, standard contact porosimetry, 31P NMR spectroscopy. In the case of embedded phosphate compounds, the spectra show 2 signals that are attributed to hydro- and dihydrophosphate groups (aggregated particles) or several signals (single nanoparticles).
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inorganic, particles, ion, inert polymers
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XX Українська конференція з неорганічної хімії: тези доповід. (Дніпро,17-20 верес. 2018 р.). – м. Дніпро: ЛІРА, 2018.