Model Analysis of Eco-Innovation for National Decarbonisation Transition in Integrated European Energy System

Consolidation with European social, economic and environmental programmes in the framework of Ukraine’s integration into the European energy space has become extremely important given the growing threats to energy security and should become the basis for greening regional and national innovation systems in the context of decarbonisation, the minimisation of carbon emissions and the transition to alternative energy sources. The comparison of the regions of the country by the level of enterprise innovation and the extrapolation of these results to the share of such enterprises in the total number of industrial entities in the regions helped identify their lack of correlation and emphasised the lack of stable dependence between industrial development and innovation activity. The methodology of the article includes a number of general scientific, special and interdisciplinary methods that allowed the screening of areas for the most favourable economic development, taking into account the synergistic component of regional development and achieving the research goal. The aim of this article is to analyse the innovative component of regional and national economic development for the implementation of decarbonisation and green energy transition in Ukraine, as well as substantiate the world’s leading imperatives and national directions for effective integration into relevant European programmes. An analysis of Ukraine’s rating status in several international indices of environmental efficiency and innovation activity in the regions showed the lack of correlation between regions of Ukraine, which actualises the search for the most effective drivers of economic development. At the same time, the consolidation of efforts of national stakeholders of innovative development in a country with relevant European institutions, particularly in the direction of greening regional economic systems, will ensure the development of innovative regions and industries, which will in turn be drivers of related territories and industries while ensuring a synergistic effect.
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ecology, innovative development, decarbonisation, energy efficiency, “green” transition, sustainable development
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