Areas of state regulation and market support of leasing services

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In the conditions of the development and the continuous improvement of technologies, business entities have to be constantly updated to maintain competitive advantage. However, their high cost keeps entrepreneurs from investing money. The state should help to solve this problem in order to support and develop domestic economic entities of various economic activities. Taking into account the existing researches on these issues, the purpose of the study is to substantiate the directions of state regulation and support of the leasing services market in Ukraine, the achievement of which necessitated the solution of such basic tasks. Therefore, SWOT-analysis of the leasing market of Ukraine was included in this work, which shows that the advantage of qualitative characteristics of internal strengths and opportunities over weaknesses and external threats makes it possible to predict the further growth of the domestic leasing market of services in the near future. This, in turn, has revealed the advantages and disadvantages, obstacles and measures to enhance leasing development in Ukraine and to determine the objective and subjective factors of the development of leasing relations in modern business. The conducted researches have allowed establishing potentially possible directions of state regulation and support of the market of leasing services in Ukraine.
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leasing, SWOT-analysis of the leasing market of Ukraine, state regulation of leasing
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International scientific conference proceedings“Unitech 2019” V. III (Gabrovo 15 - 16 november 2019)