Symbol semantic in Ukrainian folklore texts

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The article reviews the stages of archetypical transformations which are represented by polysemy of verbal symbols in Ukrainian folk texts. Semantic superposition is analyzed on the example of different meaning of the symbol of guilder-rose which are determined by national peculiarities of world outlook. Language picture of the World represents mentality of the nation. We can understand this sphere through specific world of images that is typical for individual cultural environment. Culture peculiarities depend on peculiarities of symbols using. Verbal symbolics of people is an important factor of creation national and cultural picture of the world. Knowledge of the semantics of folklore symbols helps to understand not only the picture of the world, but also the way of thinking of ancestors, their aesthetic and moral ideals.
Journal of Philological, Historical, Social and Media Communacation, Political Science and Cultural Studies by the Maria Curie-Sklodovska University in Lublin& Igor Nabytovych, Poland
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archetype, symbol, guilder-rose, semantic transformations
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Spheres of culture