Дотримання прав та інтересів дитини у зв’язку з тимчасовою окупацією частини території України та проведенням антитерористичної операції

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У статті викладена для ознайомлення система законодавства у сфері захисту прав дитини, аналітичний огляд законодавства України, прийнятий у зв'язку з тимчасовою окупацією країни, яка стала основою для захисту прав та інтереси дітей, які з'явилися на тимчасово окупованій території України.
In the article it is stated for acquaintance the system of the legislation in the sphere of protection of the children’s rights, the analytical review of the legislation of Ukraine, adopted in connection with temporary occupation of the country which became a basis for protection of the rights and interests of the children who appeared in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine is made. There are given the separate provisions of the Laws of Ukraine “About ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and a legal regime in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine” of 15.04.2014 No. 1207-VII; “About temporary measures for conducting of the anti-terrorist operation” of 02.09.2014 No. 1669-VII; “About a special order of local self-government in certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions” of 16.09.2014 No. 1680-VII for understanding of the application of the new article of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine – article 257-1. This article established features of proceeding on cases of establishment of the fact of the birth or the death of the person in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. It is proved the necessity to apply to cases of the need to prove of the fact of the birth and death in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine of the “Namibian exception”, entered by the Advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice in the Namibia case according to which priority concerning the rights provided by the Convention on Human Rights always is proved even if the part of this territory is under effective control of other Contractual Party. This conclusion became a basis for many decisions of European Court of Human Rights, and the “Namibian exception” became an exception of the general principle about invalidity of acts, including legal, given out by the authorities of the state education which is not recognized at the international level.
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права дитини, інтереси дитини, захист прав дітей, встановлення факту народження або смерті особи, тимчасово окупована територія України, child’s rights, child’s interests, protection of the children’s rights, establishment of the fact of the birth or death of the person, temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine
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