Medical insurance as a direction of reforming the health system in Ukraine

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Introduction: The right to live, the right to healthcare and medical care insurance, which are affirmed at the constitutional level in Ukraine, are exercised by organizing the healthcare system with the due consideration of all social groups of people. The current state of healthcare funding in Ukraine does not encourage the conditions under which the quality medical care is provided to the population as needed, especially to the socially disadvantaged group of people. The formation of marketing system of management in Ukraine, the declaration of it as a socially-oriented country, results in the necessity to carry out healthcare reforms and to implement new systems of funding. The special emphasis in the process has to be given to the development of the insurance. The aim: To study, to evaluate and elaborate proposals towards the justification of the changes in the healthcare funding through the reforming the system of medical insurance. Materials and methods: Laws and regulations of Ukraine and related countries are analyzed in the article (by methods of comparison, analysis, synthesis, deductive approach, and scientific abstraction and generalization). Review: The main forms of healthcare funding (on account of voluntary, compulsory and mixed insurance) were found out. Also, the special features of medical insurance in different countries based on the generalized models were investigated. As a part of the research, the condition of medical (voluntary and compulsory) insurance in Ukraine was analyzed and, as a result, the issues hindering its development were defined. Conclusions: The model of insurance for implementation in Ukraine had been defined, as well as the condition of reforming system in compulsory insurance such as “taxesbudgetagency” with the stages had also been estimated. The possible consequences of medical reforming in Ukraine and the possible ways to improve the process of insurance in medical area were specified.
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medical insurance, reformation, healthcare
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