Formation of Professional Readyness of the Future Healthcare Specialist

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The article substantiates the content and develops a model of professional training of assistant dentist, as well as his educational and qualification characteristics and educational and professional program and, through experiment, introduced the training of such a specialist in seven higher medical schools in Ukraine. Theoretical concretization and experimental testing of organizational and pedagogical conditions of professional training of junior specialists of dental profile in the line of general requirements of the personal approach to the organization of process of professional training are carried out. Factor analysis of trends in the development of education and environmental systems and analysis of the experience of professional training of auxiliary specialists in the field of dentistry abroad revealed the conditionality and necessity of professional training in Ukraine for junior dentists. The organizational and pedagogical conditions that will ensure the effectiveness of professional training of a dental assistant in a higher medical educational institution, namely: the system of three-subject interaction of the educational institution, the student as a future specialist and potential employer and pedagogical opportunities for self-realization of the student as a subobject of his/her own professional training. Through the experiment, the effectiveness of the introduction of organizational and pedagogical conditions for the professional training of an assistant dentist was proved. During the study, the experimental group eventually rethought the “object” of its activities and crossed the previously opaque boundaries between medical care and student supervision for the benefit of all parties.
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professional training, organizational and pedagogical conditions, junior specialist of dental profile, three-subject interaction, specialist's portfolio, basic model
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