Одесса как зона импорта литературного дендизма в первой половине XIX века

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Odessa as the city with unique creative energy has already become the object of aesthetic reception during its formation period. The free port status enabled the south town to adopt European culture and spheres of socio-economic life. Dandyism found a breeding ground here. It gained its local exotic flavorand authentic semantics in Odessa. In «Fragments from travel of Eugene Onegin» this historic cultural phenomenon has syncretic image. That is the secondary transplanted model of dandy in St. Petersburg imperial manner and the frontal view of European like fashionista emphasized in behavior and appearance details with Odessa exotica. There is no doubt that borders between them are quite comparativeas far as dandyism essence supposes instability and marginal social position. Obviously, this status enabled to observe the world closely. Text of «fragments» achieves integrity though not monolithic one, but «gathered» one, which is composed from heterogeneous, variegated patches of Odessa life. View of everyday business life and prosaically unpleasant street rubbish and «epicurean» sketch of coffee drinking against the background of awaking and flickering with exotic shine maritime city and sphere of «internal» life of hedonistic company of young people are equally presented but in varying degree of outline. All these play, shimmer with different colors, twinkle with kaleidoscopic shot change and polyphony in focus of author objective lens. Pictures are put in motion and joined with lorgnette. They are endued with quality of corporality, anthropologic codes and signals which a reader has to decipher. A definite structure forms and fits in genre frameworks of «physiology» of multifaced, multicultural, tolerant city.
Ключові слова
anthropology, dandy, lorgnette, import zone(adopt), social behavior
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Одеса та Чорне море як літературний простір / ред. Я. Лавський, Н.Малютина. – Білосток-Одеса: PRYMAT, 2018.