Cloud Technologies And Artificial Intelligence As The Basis Of Digital Development Of The Financial Sector Of The Economy Of Ukraine

In the modern world, digitalization processes are the basis for stimulating the country’s economic growth. The intensity of globalization processes leads to the economic integration of the economies and financial sectors of the countries of the world. The main trend of the modern financial sector is the accelerated introduction of technological innovations, innovative financial services and tools for their implementation. The use of digital technologies helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and operational risks. Creating a digital basis for serving consumers by finance companies increases their productivity and spurs more innovation in the financial arena. This, in turn, maintains the soundness of the financial sector. Restyling of financial services is based on the use of artificial intelligence and cloud technologies by financial companies, which allows to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. The use of tools for digital transformation of the financial sector provides maximum personalization, while using a large variety of parameters. Tracking and comparing changes in regulatory documents using RegTech and NLP provides an important area of activity for financial companies - compliance. An inevitable process is the virtualization of information interaction between financial sector entities based on the use of cloud technologies. However, the imperfection of these technologies at the moment does not allow them to be fully used. Therefore, in order to create favorable conditions for the introduction of innovations in the financial sector based on cloud technologies, it is necessary to implement a number of actions proposed in the article. The studies carried out allow us to assert that due to digital transformations of the financial sector, the efficiency of business processes increases and powerful advantages of its subjects are formed. But at the same time, there are some restrictions on their full implementation and risks on the way to the development of the digital financial sector in Ukraine. The proposed potential means of accelerated digitalization of the financial sector of the economy are in the large-scale and all-encompassing use of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence.
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financial sector, digitalization, financial innovation, ICT, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, restyling, RegTech
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