Evolution and current state of money circulation in Ukraine and the world

The article discusses the theoretical and methodological foundations of the functioning of the institution of monetary relations. The main stages of the evolution and development of monetary relations in the world are shown. The key motives that contributed to the transformation of monetary relations from one type to another are highlighted. On the example of the monetary system of Ukraine, as a particular case of the world system, the processes of its formation and formation are shown. Shown are the tools by which the country's regulatory authorities have an impact on the main characteristics of the monetary system. As a key participant in the system of monetary relations, the functions and powers of the National Bank of Ukraine are described. The state of the modern monetary system of Ukraine and its adaptation to crisis phenomena are considered. In the experimental part, the stages of development of the economic crisis are considered, and the regulator's decisions on measures of influence are shown to overcome it. The article examines data on the relationship between inflationary processes and control over the management of the country's gold and foreign exchange reserves
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cryptocurrency, fiat money, gold and foreign exchange standard, monetary system
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