Ensuring sustainable development of enterprises in the conditions of digital transformations

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Modern enterprises are dynamically developing due to the fourth industrial revolution, contributing to the introduction of innovative infocommunication technologies in most business processes, thereby shaping and developing the digital economy. The aim of the article is to substantiate the concept of sustainable development of enterprises in the context of digital transformations. The theoretical and methodological foundations of sustainable development at different levels of the hierarchy have been determined. The concept of sustainable development of enterprises has been developed, the implementation of which is aimed at harmonizing the economic, environmental and social activities of the enterprise. The stages of the process of implementing the concept of sustainable development of enterprises are highlighted, providing for the justification of an inert, neutral, progressive or forced vector. Ensuring the implementation of the concept of sustainable development is expected through the use of applied models, in particular, the implementation of a parametric model of joint deployment of enterprise infrastructure with other infrastructure facilities in economic activity, taking into account technical, geographical, organizational and socio-economic factors to strengthen financial stability; building a model for ensuring a balanced balance between economic efficiency and environmental and social responsibility of an enterprise using a mechanism for managing transformation processes in the process of transition to sustainable development in the context of digitalization.
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enterprise, digital economy, digital transformations, sustainable development of enterprises
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Environmental, Technological, Social and Economic Matters: The Second International Conference on Sustainable Futures (Kryvyi Rih, 19-21 May 2021