Features and prospects for animal production export in Ukraine

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The effectiveness of using the marketing system in livestock farming depends on many factors, which causes some fundamental differences from similar systems in other fields of national economy. We distinguish the main: a large proportion of primary processing of prod-ucts (cooling, removal of impurities, pasteurization, etc.); the need to create a subsystem of preserving and storage; inelasticity of demand and everyday necessity in the diet of a person.In the view of marketing functions, the Ukrainian livestock market should be con-trolled and predicted by the means of collecting and processing large amounts of information on the livestock production; selecting the most profitable sales markets for placement, taking into account the soil-climatic zones (Polissya, Forest-steppe, Steppe); realization of forecasts (short, medium and long-term) for the market development of livestock products; develop-ment and improvement of main characteristics of products related to its quality; definition of commodity, price, communicative and logistic policy in the industry.
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farming, the Ukrainian livestock market, the concept of marketing in livestock, marketing potential
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International Scientific-Practical Conference Innovation Management in Marketing: Modern Trends and Strategic Imperatives: Conference Proceedings, April12-13th, 2018