Polymer ion-exchanger modified with zirconium hydrophosphate for removal of uranium (VI) from water

Significant uranium content in water sources is due to the ingress of mine water, wastes of nuclear power plants, mining and mineral processing plants. The content of this element in water is strictly limited (0.015 mg dm-3 or less) due to its toxicity. Adsorption and ion exchange are the most suitable methods to reduce U(VI) content in water down to required level. Organicinorganic resins containing zirconium hydrophosphate (ZHP) were proposed for removal of toxic ions from water [1, 2]. The purpose of this work is to establish the interrelation between structure of the ZHP-containing composites and sorption of U(VI) ions. Another tasks are to ascertain a possibility to remove U(VI) compounds from water and to use the ion-exchangers many times. Method of standard contact porosimetry [3, 4] was applied to investigations.
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water, uranium content, processing plants, suitable methods
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Ion transport in organic and inorganic membranes : материалы Proceedings International Conferense, (Krasnodar. 23-28 May 2016) - Krasnodar, 2016.