The impact of Danube floods on the sedimentogenesis of the Black Sea littoral zone

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As is well known, deltas are sedimentary systems formed by the deposition of detrital material carried by rivers to their mouths in either marine or lacustrine basins (Panin, 1989). The Danube delta is a unique area. It is one of the most rapidly accumulating parts of the Black sea shelf. The solid matter component of the inflow represents 133 million tons of debris added to the Black Sea every year. Of this amount, the Danube inputs 83 million tons (Shyisky, 2003). These processes of sedimentation and deposition have been ongoing in the study area for several thousand years and have led to the creation of a huge mineral mass. The present paper presents actual data on the changes in sedimentation conditions for the Danube Delta during different seasons. Investigations of the sedimentation process require simultaneous examination of varied environmental factors. In this paper, data on water depth, salinity and temperature conditions, oxygen content, pH, and grain characteristics of the deposits were considered. As weather varies over the course of a year, time series analysis was proposed to show the changes over different seasons in hydro-chemical, hydrologic, and sedimentary characteristics, which are definitely very important in the entire process of sedimentation within the study area.
"From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental change and human response during the quaternary" (2013-2017), IGCP 610, (1; 2013; Tbilisi). Proceedings, 12-19 October 2013 / "From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental change and human response during the quaternary" (2013-2017), IGCP 610, (1; 2013; Tbilisi) ; Georgia Ilia state univ., Inst. of Earth sciences, International geoscience programme ; ed. in chief: A. Gilbert . – Tbilisi, 2013 .
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delta, hydrologic conditions, hydro-chemical parameters, seasonal changes, sedimentological conditions
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From the caspian to mediterranean: environmental change and human response during the quaternary (2013–2017) : international geoscience programe : proceedings of the first plenary conference (Tbilisi, 12–19 Oct. 2013). – Tbilisi, 2013.