Kinetics of Sorption of Uranium (VI) Compounds with Zirconium–Silica Nanosorbents

The kinetics of sorption of uranium(VI) compounds from sulfate and carbonate solutions using four samples of mesoporous zirconium–silica nanosorbents obtained by bitemplate (solubilization) synthesis was studied. The sorption equilibrium set in time and the kinetic characteristics of sorption were shown to depend on the sorbent (its composition, specific surface area, dispersity, and pore size), the temperature, and the composition and pH of the solution from which uranium compounds are sorbed. The sorption kinetics was described by a first order equation. The limiting stage of the process was found to be the external diffusion of uranium containing particles to the sorbent surface.
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kinetics, sorption, zirconium–silica nanosorbents, uranium (VI) compounds
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Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A