Current trends in the management of marketing activities of construction companies in Ukraine

Research and systematization of literary sources proves that at a time of an increased turbulence of the economies of the countries, significant influence of information and globalization, there is need to place the spiritual, intangible aspects of human life, valued by the consumer of the construction market, in the center of attention of the construction company. This is manifested in a more creative and innovative way of problem solving, an individual approach to order fulfillment, and a focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with target and other contact audiences. The aim of the study is to substantiate the current provisions for the management of marketing activities of construction enterprises in Ukraine. The modern marketing tendencies in developed countries are: orientation to holistic marketing that combines internal marketing, socially responsible marketing, integrated marketing and relations marketing; expansion of the marketing complex to ten elements (product, place, price, promotion, public opinion, political power, people, process, physical environment, personal emotions). The authors substantiate the use of marketing strategies for Ukrainian construction enterprises in times of uncertainty and fluctuation of the economy, such as: full provision of the target segment of consumers with necessary construction products, works, services; search for opportunities to increase your marketing budget and get rid of inefficient programs. Therefore, the central place in the management of marketing activity of Ukrainian construction enterprises takes a triad of goals, namely: reflection of the values of society, satisfaction of the needs of buyers and ensuring the profitability of the enterprise. Triad of goals forms the practical value of the paper as strategic targets for the management of Ukrainian construction enterprise.
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marketing trends, management of marketing activity, marketing complex, construction enterprise, Ukraine
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