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Title: Eco-hygenic aspects of use of destructor-bacteria for cleaning of water and soil from oil’s carbohydrates
Authors: Гудзенко, Тетяна Василівна
Козанова, Г. А.
Чернявський, Олександр Васильович
Горшкова, Олена Георгіївна
Беляєва, Тамара Олексіївна
Бобрешова, Наталія Степанівна
Кривицька, Т. М.
Конуп, Ігор Петрович
Шулякова, С. В.
Іваниця, Володимир Олексійович
Гудзенко, Татьяна Васильевна
Чернявский, Александр Васильевич
Горшкова, Елена Георгиевна
Беляева, Тамара Алексеевна
Бобрешова, Наталья Степановна
Кривицкая, Т. Н.
Конуп, Игорь Петрович
Иваница, Владимир Алексеевич
Gudzenko, Tetiana V.
Kozanova, G. A.
Cherniavskyi, Oleksandr V.
Horshkova, Olena H.
Beliaeva, Tamara O.
Bobreshova, Nataliia S.
Kryvytska, T. M.
Konup, Ihor P.
Schulyakova, S. V.
Korzyukov, Y. O.
Ivanytsia, Volodymyr O.
Citation: " Microbiology on service for human," Ukrainian-Polish weigl conference (3-rd; 2009; Odessa) Abstracts, 14-17 September, 2009 / " Microbiology on service for human," Ukrainian-Polish weigl conference (3-rd; 2009; Odessa) ; chairman: Volodymyr Olexijovich Ivanytsia . - Odesa : Odesa I.I. Mechnykov university, 2009. - 232 p. : fig., tabl.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Odesa I.I. Mechnykov university
Abstract: Use of microbiological methods for liquidation of oil pollution of water often is practically the only opportunity to restore natural biocenosis. Besides microbiological methods are the cheapest ways, in comparison with other ways (separation, high-temperature burning, etc.). By virtue of these circumstances bacterial preparations for recycling of oil products have been widely used, in Ukraine and abroad.
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