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Title: The course of lectures of general psychology
Authors: Budiianskyi, Mykola F.
Vishtalenko, E. D.
Yung, N. V.
Будіянський, Микола Федорович
Будиянский, Николай Федорович
Citation: Budiyanskiy, Nikolai Fedorovich. The course of lectures of general psychology / N. F. Budiyanskiy, E. D. Vishtalenko, N. V. Yung . – Odessa : Bukaev V. V., 2016 . - P. 2 : . – 2017 . – 99 p.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
Keywords: general psychology
historical development of the science
psychology methods
psychic processes
individual psychological features of the personality
the concepts of social groups
Series/Report no.: ;P. 2.
Abstract: To begin studying such a psychical process as "Perception" it is necessary to clear up the idea of the following positions: the essence of perception process, apperception as the man’s past experience and perception as a reaction of grasping and reaction of the detailed vision. I.M. Sechenov stated that interconnection of feelings is perception itself. However it is a simple set of various feelings that gives complete perception of object or phenomenon to the man. Between feelings there are certain intercommunications, and this task is executed by analyzers. Thus between corresponding centers in a cortex there are temporal nervous connections exactly how they exist really in an object or phenomenon. Consequently, feeling and perception is links of single process of perceptible cognition.
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