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Title: The future of the Eastern Partnership: “Building a shared European home”
Authors: Sarakutsa, Mariia O.
Rabinovych, Maryna L.
Саракуца, Марія Олександрівна
Саракуца, Мария Александровна
Citation: CES Working Papers Series of the Centre for EU Studies at the University of Iasi.
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Eastern Partnership
Ukrainian crisis
Association Agreement
geostrategic challenges
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 8 (4).
Abstract: The year 2014 became a turning point for the history of the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP), marked by the signing of the Association Agreements with three EaP states and a conflict in Ukraine. In view of the above, current research focuses on assessing the feasibility of currently discussed scenarios of the EaP future, based on the assessment of the EU’s foreign policy successes and challenges in Eastern Neighborhood. EU’s internal issues, re-emerging geo-strategic threats and domestic challenges in the EaP states are analyzed. The considered scenarios include the EU’s acceptance of status quo in the region, taking a stronger stance to the integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, as well as building “a shared European home” by promoting rapproachement with Russia. The single scenario for the EU’s policy in the EaP states is suggested, and it is explained why the EU will try to “build a shared European home”.
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