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Title: Effective temperature and radial velocity of the small-amplitude cepheid polaris (a UMi) in 2015
Authors: Usenko, I. A.
Kovtyukh, Valery V.
Miroshnichenko, A. S.
Danford, S.
Citation: Odessa Astronomical Publications
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: Stars: radial velocities
Cepheids: overtone pulsations
Cepheids: companions
Cepheids: а UMi
Series/Report no.: ;V. 29
Abstract: We present the results of an analysis of 21 spectra of UMi (Polaris) obtained in September – December 2015. Frequency analysis shows an increase of the pulsation period up to 8.6 min in comparison to the 2007 observational set. The radial velocity amplitude comes to 4.16 kms􀀀1, and it approximately twice the one found in 2007. The average Teff = 6017 K, and it is close to the value determined for the 2001–2004 set. Therefore Polaris moves to the red edge of the Cepheid instability strip (CIS).
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