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Title: Introduction to Fourier analysis
Authors: Kolyada, Viktor I.
Korenovskyi, Anatolii O.
Кореновский, Анатолий Александрович
Кореновський, Анатолій Олександрович
Citation: Introduction to Fourier analysis : textbook / V. I. Kolyada, A. A. Korenovskyi ; Odessa І.І. Mechnikov National Univ., IMEM . – Odessa : Odessa І.І. Mechnikov National Univ., 2015 .
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
Keywords: Fourier series
Fourier transforms
Legendre polynomials
Abstract: This textbook provides a short introduction to classical Fourier Analysis. It contains basic notions and results related to trigonometric Fourier series, Fourier transforms, and orthogonal Legendre polynomials. The exposition is elementary. It is based on the standard university course of the Mathematical Analysis; in particular, the integrability of functions is treated in the sense of Riemann. The knowledge necessary for the study of the course are given in the introductory chapter. The textbook contains also exercises to each of the main chapters.
ISBN: 978-617-689-105-5
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