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Title: Специфіка дослідження кон’юнктури та особоливості розвитку ринку АПК України
Other Titles: Специфика исследования конъюнктуры и особенности развития рынка АПК Украины
Specific of conjuncture research and features of Ukrainian AIC market development
Authors: Андрейченко, Андрій Вадимович
Завертаний, Денис Володимирович
Андрейченко, Андрей Вадимович
Завертаный, Денис Владимирович
Andreichenko, Andrei V.
Zavertany, Denis V.
Citation: Ринкова економіка: сучасна теорія і практика управління = Market economy: modern management theory and practice
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: аграрний ринок
рентабельність АПК
аграрный рынок
рентабельность АПК
agricultural market
the profitability of AIC
Series/Report no.: ;Т. 14, вип. 3(31)
Abstract: У статті досліджено сучасний стан, особливості та тенденції розвитку кон’юнктури АПК України. Проведено порівняльний аналіз рівня рентабельності галузей АПК у 2014 та 2015 рр. Проаналізовано перспективи розвитку ринку та кон’юнктури АПК України.
В статье исследовано современное состояние, особенности и тенденции развития конъюнктуры АПК Украины. Проведен сравнительный анализ уровня рентабельности отраслей АПК в 2014 и 2015 гг. Проанализированы перспективы развития рынка и конъюнктуры АПК Украины.
Inherent characteristics of a market economy multifaceted changing conditions in which there is reproduction process necessitates continuous research of these changes in the current period and their evaluation in the future. To analyze the conjuncture of AIC of Ukraine, it is appropriate to define the necessary conceptual apparatus and describe its specific features. Market and conjuncture are basic economical categories. However, among the economists there is no common understanding of the nature of these categories. In today’s realities the market should be the subject of constant surveillance. But in market researches themselves have no value if they are not related to management decisions. Therefore, the result of such research is an information that answers to the question that is in the scope of interests of the market players. With deteriorating conditions in a particular field of AIC, trends amplify in agricultural activities of the farmers or their outflow from the field. This is due to a low profitability in an agriculture of some countries. Under “market conjuncture”, we should understand the vector and the degree of change of the economic process elements, which based on a comparison of changes of the individual elements together in a dynamic. Conjuncture is a combination of economic conditions, the state of things, circumstances that can influence the course and results of the processes in the field of individual commodity or regional markets. In fact, it can be defined as the state of the economy, characterized by levels of business activity, dynamics of production and consumption, the movement of prices, interest rates, exchange rate, credit and banking, increased incomes, wages, dividends, etc. Research of the conjuncture of the Ukrainian AIC covers a wide range of industrial, commercial, technical and economic issues, which allow to identify the main directions of economic development of each subject of market relations and the situation at any time due to the interaction of various conjecture’s factors.
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