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Title: Toxic Metals in Fish and Mollusks of the Zmiiniy Island Coastal Waters (North-Western part of the Black Sea) in 2012-2014
Authors: Medinets, Volodymyr I.
Denga, Yuriі М.
Snigirov, Sergii M.
Gruzova, Iryna L.
Soltys, Inna Ye.
Мединец, Владимир Иванович
Медінець, Володимир Іванович
Снігірьов, Сергій Михайлович
Снигирев, Сергей Михайлович
Солтыс, Ирина Евгеньевна
Солтис, Ірина Євгенівна
Грузова, Ирина Львовна
Грузова, Ірина Львівна
Citation: Proceedings of the Conference “Integrated Marine Research in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea”, 7-9 December 2015.
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Black Sea
Toxic Metals
Abstract: The results of Toxic Metals (TM) determination in fish and mollusc species for 2012-2014 in the north-western Black Sea (NWBS) have been presented. It has been shown that the soft tissue samples of molluscs and fish mass species collected in the coastal waters of the Zmiinyi Island periodically revealed high levels of certain TMs concentration (As, Cu, Zn, Ni, Fe, Mn) which was connected with the Danube discharge and the diet of concrete species
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