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Title: Interconnections between the Danube River discharge, nutrients level and phytoplankton characteristics in the north-western part of the Black Sea (Zmiinyi Island area)
Authors: Kovalova, Nataliia V.
Medinets, Volodymyr I.
Dereziuk, Nataliia V.
Snigirov, Sergii M.
Medinets, Sergiy V.
Konareva, Olga P.
Morozov, Vitalii M.
Медінець, Володимир Іванович
Мединец, Владимир Иванович
Снігірьов, Сергій Михайлович
Снигирев, Сергей Михайлович
Медінець, Сергій Володимирович
Мединец, Сергей Владимирович
Конарева, Ольга Петрівна
Конарева, Ольга Петровна
Дерезюк, Наталя Володимирівна
Дерезюк, Наталья Владимировна
Ковальова, Наталя Володимирівна
Ковалева, Наталия Владимировна
Citation: Proceedings of the Conference “Integrated Marine Research in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea”, 7-9 December 2015.
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: PERSEUS
Abstract: The results of statistical analysis of the data for 2004-2014 on the coastal waters of the Zmiinyi Island located in the north-western Black Sea 40 km far from the Danube Delta have been presented and analysed. It has been shown that the state of phytoplankton community is mostly influenced by salinity, transparency and nitrate content, whose levels are formed under the influence of the Danube discharge.
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