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Title: Acculturation goals and intercultural competence as predictors of successful socio-cultural adaptation
Authors: Smokova, Liudmila S.
Смокова, Людмила Степанівна
Смокова, Людмила Степановна
Citation: Культурная интеграция и иммиграция в современном обществе: междисциплинарная перспектива - 2010: Сборник докладов международной научной заочной конференции (Одесса, 9- 10 августа 2010 г.) / Отв. за вып. Л.С. Смокова. - Издательский центр „ВМВ”, ОНУ имени И.И. Мечникова, 2010. - 146 с.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University
Keywords: intercultural competence
acculturation orientations
socio-cultural adaptation
cultural integration
Series/Report no.: ;С. 121-126
Abstract: This presentation focuses on the connections between intercultural competence and specific attitudes toward acculturation of Minority in Germany to the host culture. We have sought to explain how the Intercultural Sensitivity determines acculturation expectations of the host society, hence the intercultural interaction between immigrant and members of the majority group. The success of the intercultural contact and the process of psychological adaptation of the minority though will depends largely on what is the assistance of the host society in the acculturation process. The relevant questions in this regard are: what is the notion of the dominating society on how the foreigners could be integrated (acculturation ideology) and to what extend the intercultural competence determines that the interaction with the minority group is viewed as valued and desired for the members of the majority group? Intercultural competence was examined with scales like Cultural Empathy, Openmindedness, Emotional Stability, Orientation to Action and Flexibility. The participants of the experiment were 306 representatives of the title nationality members of Germany and 64 Russian-speaking immigrant undergraduates and workers.
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