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Title: Перший українознавчий та козакознавчий текст одеського історика Михайла Слабченка
Other Titles: The first text of the Odesa historian M. Slabchenko about Ukraine and the cossacks
Первый украиноведческий и казаковедческий текст одесского историка Михаила Слабченка
Authors: Музичко, Олександр Євгенович
Muzychko, Oleksandr Ye.
Музычко, Александр Евгеньевич
Citation: Чорноморська минувшина : записки відділу історії козацтва на Півдні України
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: М.Слабченко
історія козацтва
M. Slabchenko
история казачества
Series/Report no.: ;Вип. 10.
Abstract: У статті до історіографії уведено досі не використаний біографами історика М. Слабченка текст: звіт студента Новоросійського університету М. Слабченка про свою роботу в київських архівах. Цей архівний рукописний текст відображає етап підготовки історика до своєї першої наукової монографії і є загалом першим відомим науковим текстом М. Слабченка про історію України козацької доби. Також текст відображає творчу лабораторію історика, архівні пошуки.
The anniversary of the given out historian, founder of historical ukrainistik in Odesa Mykhajlo Slabchenko isrecently marked. The course of life of this personality already will not name insufficiently known, in fact in work of historians there are monographs, collections of documents, dissertation, personally devoted to М. Slabchenko. However, it does not mean that all possibilities of expansion of a springbase are already outspent. The initial phase of life of М.Slabchenko is enough dotted investigated. In this secretservice to historiography the until now not used by the biographers of historian М. Slabchenko text is entered: report of student of the Novorossisk university М. Slabchenka on his work in the Kyiv archives in 1908. This archived handwritten text represents the stage of preparation of historian to the first scientific monograph and is on the whole the first known scientific text of М. Slabchenko about history of Ukraine Cossack. Also text represents the creative laboratory of historian, archived searches. It is also one of sources from history of arkhivistik in Ukraine, in particular, Kiev archive. Text, which is published below, probably, was not the first scientific text of M. Slabchenko, in fact there is information, that in 1904/1905 school year of M.Slabchenko in quality the student of historico-philological faculty of the Novorosiysk university gave work of «A peasant question in the legislative commission of EkaterinaII». He was rewarded a silver medal, already as a student of faculty of law. However, there is not this text in our order. In 1905-1910 years during studies on the faculty of law of M. Slabchenko betrayed neither the historical personal interests nor scientific leader – professor of department of Russian history to Ivan Linnichenko. His lectures in Odesa of «Prosvita» in 1908 the «Administrative line-up on Ukraine of XVII-XVIII st.» and «A judicial line-up on Ukraine in XVII-XVIII st.» testify the reflection of M. Slabchenko studios above history of cossack Ukraine. Right. As the articles they did not reach to us. These lectures represent a work M. Slabchenko above the main work of student years – medal work from history of legal line-up of Getmanschina. Exactly working above this theme he left on searches in the Kiev archive. The report of M. Slabchenko on work in an university archive comes into a notice that, it is not only the dry list of the labours worked out by him, but also their analysis, with historiography retreats, that, in essence, by a scientific studio. M. Slabchenko used materials, transferred them in a report, in a few works of 1910th, published in Odesa. It is known from the letter to the Odesa historian A. Yakovlev on September, 6, 1909, that M. Slabchenko sent the article of «Chastizing on the judicial book of the Pryluky regiment» for a publication in «Messages» of Kiev Ukrainian scientific society, that also probably based on indicated by him in a report documents, but it got lost somewhere. Main from works of M. Slabchenko, that directly based on the indicated report, was him medal work of 1909 of « A malorusskiy regiment in an administrative relation: Historical-legal essay «in «Messages» of university and separate edition. From a report M. Slabchenko swims out, that at first he planned to name this work of « Higher establishments of Getmanschina XVII – XVIII st.». This name reminds edition under which lectures of M. Slabchenko were given out in 1918 year. For the «Malorusskiy regiment» M. Slabchenko got the gold medal after review of Linnichenko. Before this triumph there was other positive review of Linnichenko on the report published below. A professor marked that him a ward worked very with application and with a large benefit for the scientific labours, did in short time mass of very valuable extracts from acts, and expressed reasoning on the basis of acquaintance with them, that have an absolute scientific value.
В статье в историография впервые введено до сих пор не использованный биографами историка М. Слабченко текст: отчет студента Новороссийского университета М. Слабченко о своей работе в киевских архивах. Этот архивный рукописный текст отражает этап подготовки историка к своей первой научной монографии и является первым известным научным текстом М. Слабченко об истории Украины казацкой эпохи. Также текст отражает творческую лабораторию историка, его архивные поиски.
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