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Title: Multi-criteria system of evaluating the economic situation sectors enterprises
Authors: Poberezhets, Olha V.
Побережець, Ольга Валеріївна
Побережец, Ольга Валерьевна
Citation: Економіка: реалії часу. Науковий журнал.
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Multi-criteria system of evaluating
economic situation
sectors enterprises
Series/Report no.: ;№ 4(20), С. 52-58.
Abstract: The influence of factors on the level of financial stability of economic subjects is one of the most important economic questions in the period of transformation of the economy, since too low a level of financial stability leads to insolvency of the enterprise and the lack of funds for operating activities, and excessively high level will hamper the development, burdening the costs of excessive inventory and reserves. Domestic and foreign science do not pay enough attention to the methodological approaches and analytical tools to assess economic and financial situation of enterprises, therefore there is a need to adapt them to modern conditions of managing in Ukraine. It is worth noting that at present not found an adequate model of the enterprise activity by main indicators. If you have a large number of performance indicators raises the question of their proper interpretation and analysis, correlation with standard indicators, the average figure for industry as a whole; adoption of decisions on further development of the enterprise. The use of indicators of financial stability of the company ensures continuous monitoring and control of cash flow, sufficiency of assets and, if necessary, their feasibility.
Description: Економіка: реалії часу. Науковий журнал. - 2015.
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