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Title: Cosmological perturbations in presence of scalar fields
Authors: Burgazli, A. Yu.
Eingorn, Maxim V.
Zhuk, Oleksandr I.
Citation: Odessa Astronomical Publications
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Astroprint
Keywords: Odessa Astronomical Publications
gravitational potential
inhomogeneous Universe
scalar fields
Series/Report no.: ;V. 27, I. 1, P. 24-25.
Abstract: We investigate the role of the scalar field assuming its presence at late stages of the Universe evolution together with dust presented by a system of an arbitrary number of gravitating masses (galaxies, groups of galaxies and clusters of galaxies) and the cosmological constant in the framework of the theory of scalar cosmological perturbations. In particular, we discuss the case of the homogeneous scalar field and its possible influence on the gravitational potentials representing metric perturbations. We also focus attention on the interconnection between the astrophysical problem and the cosmological one in the scalar field presence.
Description: Odessa Astronomical publications / Одесская астроном. обсерватория . – Одесса : Астропринт, 2014 . – Vol.27, I. 1.
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