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Title: Optimal laser ionization scheme for separating longlived actinides and fission products in nuclear fuel
Authors: Fedchuk, A. P.
Glushkov, A. V.
Khetselius, O. Yu.
Svinarenko, A. A.
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: Міжнар. наук.-техн. конф.;
Abstract: Using the modern nuclear-energy cycle is connected with several known serious risks, e.g. content of the dangerous radio nuclides in working nuclear fuel. One of the possible solutions is using gamma-neutron transmutation method. To make more effective transmutation one must usually take into account that the targets should be made of the nuclear isotopes fractions of 90Sr, 137 Cs and the iodine fraction too (as a rule, the most radio toxical 129I isotope). It is further necessary to transmute 90Sr,137 Cs, 129I isotopes to stable ones. The problem here is separation of the 90Sr, 137 Cs and 129I isotopes from the stable 88Sr, 133Cs and 127I. The main purpose of the work is carrying out the optimal laser photoionization schemes for separating long-lived actinides and nuclear fission products, namely, Sr, Cs, I. Though the nuclides fractions of Zr, Pd, Sn, Tc and rare-earth isotopes should not be transmuted as the middle activity nuclear fusion coils, we define optimal isotopes laser separation parameters in this case too.
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