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Title: The deltacoastline dynamics for the Danube northernarm over the period 1986–2011Дата –2014
Authors: Gazyetov, Yevgen I.
Sizo, R.
Citation: Romanian Journal of Geography. – Bucureşti. - 2014, v. 58, (2). - P. 129–134.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Institute of Geography, Romania
Keywords: Danube Delta, Black Sea, coastline dynamics, remote sensing, GIS-analysis, enviroGRIDS.
Abstract: The research was implemented in the framework of EnviroGrids international project. Long-term trends in the dynamics of the delta coastline at the Ochakiv Arm (Ukraine) were assessed based on original LANDSAT remote sensing data with spatial resolution of 30 m and time interval of 7 and 4 years. The relevance of original information and advantages of modern GIS-technologies allowed to obtain new information about long-term delta processes. It is established that during 26 years the area of the Danube delta at the Ochakiv Arm, in general, increased by 1.335 However, it was found that in different parts of the delta and in different time periods, not only accumulative but also erosion processes were dominant, leading both to the increase of the new land area and to the sea intrusion. Also, long-term changes in the geometric shape of the delta coastline were found. Some assumptions about the causes of the observed morphological changes were made. The information received is important from a scientific point of view as well as for the management and implementation of economic activities in the Danube River Delta.
ISSN: Printed 1220-5311
Online 2285-9675
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