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Title: Biodiversity of ichthyofauna in the Lower Dniester river
Authors: Snigirov, Sergii M.
Citation: Deltas and Wetlands (Book of abstracts), Tulcea, Romania. – 2014. – vol. 2, Р. 17 (§ionTitle=Other%20publications)
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Danube Delta Tehnological Information Center Publishing House, Tulcea, Romania
Keywords: Lower Dnister, anthropogenic influence, ichthyofauna
Abstract: Results of anthropogenic pressure on the Dniester River, as well as in its water-bodies have been described: decrease of fish species composition 1.2 time, 2.3 times decrease of rare indigenous fish species, decrease of number of reophilic, lithophilous and psammophilous fish species. In connection with species composition negative transformation and 2.0-3.0 times decrease of commercial catches in the Lower Dniester the urgent measures are required for strengthening of fish resources protection, restoration of stock and improvement of the Lower Dniester ecosystem’s environmental health in general.
ISSN: 2344-3766
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