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Authors: Alyoshin, Aleksandr N.
Алёшин, Александр Николаевич
Citation: "РАСМИР: Восточная нумизматика - 2011", Международная научная нумизматическая конференция (1; 2011; Одесса)
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Web:
Keywords: Northern Tokharistan
set of imitation coins found within Kobadien territory (Northern Tokharistan
full description of the coins
sources of imitation (prototypes) - Sasanians drachmas
Great Silk Way
Sasanian shahinshah Pcroz I (457 - 484 A.D.)
prototype - shahinshah Valkash (Balash) drachmas (484-488 A.D.)
Abstract: In the Northern Tokharistan territory there were numerous states, principalities and tribes which emerged and disappeared in various historical eras; this region is well known by permanent warfare and trade, periods of prosperity gave way to periods of decline, therefore a restoration of the proper timing of events is an extraordinary task which historians, linguists and, in particular, numismatists face
Description: I-я Международная научная нумизматическая конференция "РАСМИР: Восточная нумизматика - 2011", 29-31 июля 2011 года
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