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Title: Neopleistocene stratigraphy of the Ponto-Caspian Corridors
Authors: Yanko-Hombach, Valentyna V.
Yanina, T. A
Motnenko, Irena
Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктовна
Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктівна
Мотненко, Ірена
Мотненко, Ирэна
Янина, Тамара Алексеевна
Яніна, Тамара Олексіївна
Citation: From the caspian to mediterranean: environmental change and human response during the quaternary (2013–2017) : international geoscience programe : proceedings of the first plenary conference (Tbilisi, 12–19 Oct. 2013). – Tbilisi, 2013.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: LTD "Sachino"
Keywords: sttratotypes
sea level
water exchange
Series/Report no.: ;C. 170-176.
Abstract: There are many past/present geological projects in the "Ponto-Caspian Corridors." The most recent geological projects have been carried out by Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine; Prichcrnomorskoe State Regional Geological Enterprise "Prichernomor GRGP," Odessa; Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University, Russia; the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences; the Department of Marine Geology and Mineral Resources of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology,Russian Academy of Sciences; Avalon Institute of Applied Science, Canada; the National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology, Romania; the Geology Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; the Museum of Natural History, Bulgaria; the Institute of Oceanology, Bulgaria; IFREMER, France; Memorial University, Canada; Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, USA; Temple University, USA; Delaware University, USA; Istanbul University and Istanbul Technical University. Turkey; and many others. These efforts have produced a variety of geochronological scales for the Ponto-Caspian Corridors.
Description: "From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental change and human response during the quaternary" (2013-2017), IGCP 610, (1; 2013; Tbilisi). Proceedings, 12-19 October 2013 / "From the Caspian to Mediterranean: Environmental change and human response during the quaternary" (2013-2017), IGCP 610, (1; 2013; Tbilisi) ; Georgia Ilia state univ., Inst. of Earth sciences, International geoscience programme ; ed. in chief: A. Gilbert . – Tbilisi, 2013 .
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