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Title: Results of investigations of Marine Environment Toxic Pollution in Zmiinyi island area (2011-2013)
Authors: Medinets, Volodymyr I.
Denga, Yuriі М.
Snigirov, Sergii M.
Vostrikova, T.
Gruzova, Iryna L.
Tsimbalyuk, K.
Konareva, Olga P.
Citation: In: Abstract Book of the PERSEUS Scientific Workshop, (27-30 January, 2014, Athens, Greece). – Athens, 2014. – P. 56.
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: Athens, 2014.
Keywords: Black Sea, toxic pollution, hydrobionts, OCP, PCB, TM, PAH
Abstract: Toxic Pollution of marine environment (water, bottom sediments and hydrobionts) has been one of the main Black Sea problems. The aim of our studies in framework of PERSEUS project has been to investigate the current state of marine environment toxic pollution with trace metals (TM), organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Zmiinyi Island area, which according to our previous studies is the area with practically natural conditions. During 2011-2013 the Research Station of Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University carried out the sampling programme. Analyses of marine environment samples have been carried out in accordance with the national methods and the methods recommended by the ISO in the laboratory of the Ukrainian Scientific Centre of the Ecology of Sea. The data on coastal sea waters, bottom sediments and fish and molluscs pollution for 2011-2013 with OCPs, PCBs, TM and PAHs are presented and being analyzed. Analyses of the results of marine environment pollution studies have shown that toxicity of water and bottom sediments in 2011-2013 decreased compared to previous years. The origin of pollution in coastal waters, sediments and fish and mussel species near the Zmiinyi Island is being discussed. Coefficients of pollutants accumulation in fish and mollusk tissues have been calculated and are discussed using the data on the pollutants' concentration in water. It is proposed to study the levels of TMs, OCPs and PCBs accumulation in hydrobionts in more details depending on the age of hydrobionts (fish and mollusks) and, first of all, on the peculiarities of their food chains, from which accumulation of toxicants in their tissues takes place. The main conclusions of our studies during 2011-2013 are the following: the levels of pollution for all toxicants are lower than in previous years; the results of comparison with the other Ukrainian areas of the Back Sea has shown that the Zmiinyi Island area could be used as a reference area.
ISSN: 978-960-97-98-02-0
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