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Title: Certain victimological factors of martial law: ukrainian realities
Authors: Mataieva, L. F.
Citation: Правовий вимір конституційної та кримінальної юрисдикції в Україні та світі : 6-ті юрид. читання : матеріали Міжнар. щорічної наук. дистанц. конф. (14 квіт. 2023 р., м. Одеса) / ОНУ ім. І. І. Мечникова, ЕПФ; за заг. ред.: Т. В. Степанова, О. А. Чуваков. – Одеса : Одеський нац. ун-т, 2023.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Narozhna, Olena V.
Нарожна, Олена Володимирівна
Keywords: Russia’s invasion
war victimology
war crime victims
direct victims
Abstract: The research topic has never been more relevant. Considering the fact, that more than a year ago, the Russia’s invasion made each civil in Ukraine an actual victim. People’s life are being taken away, meanwhile mental disorders, addictions, violence and crimes spread faster than ever, all across the country. Humanity has been suffering from war actions for centuries, a portion of individuals affected by war have been subject to war crimes and other inhumane actions, which are now recognized as violations of international criminal law. This group is classified as war crime victims. War victims can also be categorized according to their military status, age, and whether they are children or adults. The purpose of those theses is to define the victimization in today’s reality. «War victimology» – a term which we conditionally suggest to give to a field of study that focuses on understanding the experiences and needs of individuals who are affected by war. This field encompasses a wide range of issues related to the physical, psychological, and social impacts of war on individuals and communities.
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