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Title: Заміщені амінохалкони як вихідні сполуки для отримання нових похідних 1,4-бензодіазепінів
Other Titles: Substituted aminochalcones as starting compounds for receiving new 1,4-benzodiazepines derivatives
Authors: Бачинський, С. Ю.
Ішков, Юрій Васильович
Кравцов, В. Х.
Андронаті, С. А.
Ишков, Юрий Васильевич
Bachinskii, S. Yu.
Ishkov, Yurii V.
Kravtsov, V. Ch.
Andronati, S. A.
Citation: Вісник Одеського національного університету = Odesa National University Herald
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: ацетофенон
Series/Report no.: ;Хімія; T.27, вип. 2(82)
Abstract: Синтезовано низку заміщених E‑1-(5-R1–2-амінофеніл)-3-(4-R2-феніл)проп‑2-ен‑1- онiв. Показано, що використана методика синтезу забезпечує високі виходи очікуваних продуктів. Будову синтезованих сполук підтверджено методами 1Н ЯМР спектроскопiї та мас-спектрометрiї, а для сполуки 9 також методом рентгеноструктурного аналізу – РСА.
The aim of this work is the synthesis of a number of substituted E‑1-(2-amino‑5-R1-phenyl)- 3-(4-R2-phenyl)prop‑2-en‑1-ones (2-aminochalcones) as precursors for obtaining new derivatives of 7-R1–5-[2-R2-phenylvinyl]-1,4-benzodiazepin‑2-ones. Starting 5-substituted 2-aminoacetophenones with bromo and nitro group were synthesized from 2-aminoacetophenone by bromination of the latter with N‑bromosuccinimide in acetonitrile and nitration of 2-acetaminoacetophenone with a nitrating mixture followed by removal of acetyl protection. 2-Aminochalcones were synthesized according to standard methods during the interaction of a number of 5-substituted 2-aminoacetophenones with para-substituted benzaldehydes under basic catalysis conditions. The target products turned out to be brightly colored compounds with low melting points, their isolation and purification did not cause any difficulties. According to the data of 1H NMR spectroscopy, all synthesized 2-aminochalcones were individual trans isomers, which was also confirmed by X‑ray structural analysis of one of the obtained 2-aminochalcones. A number of new substituted E‑1-(2-amino‑5R1-phenyl)- 3-(4-R2-phenylprop‑2-en‑1-ones) were synthesized – compounds with amino and keto functions and are precursors for obtaining of a new series of 5-substituted 1,4-benzodiazepines with various arylvinyl groups. 2-aminoacetophenone, 2-amino‑5-bromoacetophenone, and 2-amino‑5-nitroacetophenone were selected as substrates for this series. The methyl groups of these acetophenones were condensed according to Claisen-Schmidt with parasubstituted benzaldehydes. Condensation was carried out under alkaline conditions in an aqueous solution. Yields of aminochalcones reached 60–85%. The methyl group of 2-aminoacetophenones smoothly reacted with aromatic aldehydes to form the corresponding 2-aminophenylchalcones. The structure of the obtained compounds was confirmed by mass spectrometry and 1H NMR spectroscopy. The structure of one of the chalcones was proved by X‑ray structural analysis. The obtained compounds can be used for the synthesis of 1,4-benzodiazepines with 5-arylvinyl substituents.
Other Identifiers: УДК 547.384, 547.831
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