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Title: Founding of Chromis Chromis (Linnaeus, 1758) and Sarda Sarda (Bloch, 1793) in the area of the Zmiinyi Island
Authors: Abakumov, Oleksandr M.
Pitsyk, Vasyl Z.
Snigirov, Sergii M.
Абакумов, Александр Николаевич
Citation: Biodiversity. Ecology. Adaptation. Evolution: Proceeding of the V International young scientists conference/ - Odessa: Pechatnyi Dom, 2011. - P. 77.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Pechatnyi Dom
Editors: Абакумов, Олександр Миколайович
Keywords: Chromis Chromis
Sarda Sarda
Zmiinyi Island
Black Sea
Abstract: In summer 2010 two rare species in the Black Sea had been found near Zmiinyi Island: Chromis chromis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Red Data Book of Ukraine) and Sarda sarda (Bloch, 1793) (Black Sea Red Data Book). Two specimens of Chromis chromis were observed visually in the South-Eastem part of the water area near the island, at the 11 meters depth during benthos survey. Sarda sarda (total length 30,0 cm. weight - 240 g) had been caught on the eastern part of the island.
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