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Title: Dynamics of abudance and biomass of Oithona davisae (Ferrare F. D. & Orsi, 1984) in the Danube region in 2016-2019
Authors: Харитонова, Юлія Вадимівна
Kharytonova, Yuliia V.
Харитонова, Юлия Вадимовна
Dyadichko, V. G.
Citation: Alien species of animals, fungi and plants in Belarus and neighboring countries : Book of Abstracts of the 1st International Scientific Conference, Minsk, Belarus, March 23, 2021 / Belarusian State University ; D. G. Zhorov [et al.] (eds.). – Minsk : BSU, 2021.
Issue Date: 2021
Keywords: Black Sea
abudance and biomass
Oithona davisae
Danube region
Abstract: Introduction of new species into a water is one of the most pressing environmental problems of marine biology. Accidental introduction of alien species is recognized as the most powerful form of anthropogenic impact on the Black Sea ecosystem. From time to time, Mediterranean species of copepods have been recorded in the Black Sea plankton near the Bosporus area.
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