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Title: А. A. Bogdanov: tektology serving the proletkult
Authors: Rayhert, Konstantin V.
Райхерт, Костянтин Вільгельмович
Райхерт, Константин Вильгельмович
Citation: 9-і Уйомовські читання (2021) : матеріали Наук. читань пам’яті Авеніра Уйомова. – Одеса : ОНУ, 2021.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: Bogdanov А. A.
tektology serving
Abstract: In A. Uyemov's "The General Systems Theory for the Humanitarians" A. Bogdanov's tektology is called like a predecessor of the contemporary general systems theory and systems research [12, c. 315]. A. Uyemov saw tektology as a 'systems proto-theory' [11]. That point of view was supported by G. Povarov who considered tektology as a precursor for L. von Bertalanffy's general system theory and N. Wiener's cybernetics [8, c. 24], M. Setrov [9], and А. Takhtajan [10, c. 29]. Today in the post-Soviet humanities, science, and philosophy it is commonplace to consider A. Bogdanov's tektology as a foregoer for general systems theory and, indeed, to put it at the same level with systems research, including cybernetics and synergetics, semiotics, structuralism and functionalism – and in general to see in tektology an interdisciplinary conception.
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