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dc.contributor.authorMarichereda, Valeria G.-
dc.contributor.authorMelnyk, Svіtlana B.-
dc.contributor.authorBorshch, Viktoriya I.-
dc.contributor.authorTerzi, Olena O.-
dc.contributor.authorLyakhova, Natalia A.-
dc.contributor.authorБорщ, Вікторія Ігорівна-
dc.contributor.authorБорщ, Виктория Игоревна-
dc.identifier.citationWiadomości Lekarskieuk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe aim: The main purpose of this research is to conduct the theoretical and applied study of the legal profile enforcement for state attestation of medical graduates, the relevant legislative system, and its effectiveness; to identify the issues of special legislative requirements, as well as the search for ways to resolve it. Materials and methods: Basic methods: analysis, synthesis and comparison. Object of research: system of state certification of graduates of medical sciences. Investigation of this topic in the paper is carried out in the following logical sequence: firstly, the basic principles of the state integrated qualification exam were determined and analyzed; then the legal enforcement for integrated state qualification exam of master’s degree in discipline “22 Health Care” was considered. Also, a critical review of Ukrainian normative base for holding the state attestation of medical graduates was conducted. Conclusions: In view of foregoing, we can make a conclusion that in the modern globalization world, competition of national educational services should be ensured by a range of different activities: legal, organizational, financial, etc. The legal direction, domestic rules should correspond to similar, uniform rules and practices of the most effective state (regional, international) systems.uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseries;Vol. LXXIII, issue 6.-
dc.subjectstate attestation of medical graduatesuk_UA
dc.subjecthigher medical educationuk_UA
dc.subjectorganizationa and legislative requirements for the qualification exam and its resultsuk_UA
dc.titleOrganizational, regulatory and legal aspects of European integration of higher medical education in Ukraine: a critical reviewuk_UA
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