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Title: Theoretic-conceptual bases of management of modern agrarian production structures
Authors: Ushkarenko, Yulia
Solovyov, Andriy
Kusyk, Nataliia L.
Mardani, Abbas
Кусик, Наталія Львівна
Кусик, Наталья Львовна
Citation: Management of agrarian production structures in the conditions of globalization processes. A monograph. -Odessa - Kyiv - Skudai-Johor - Olsztyn: Bookmarked Publishing & Editing, 2019.
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: anagement
Abstract: Agricultural enterprises largely depend on the existing combination of relations of property and forms of entrepreneurial activity, cooperation and integration links, the level of concentration and specialization of production, the emergence of new in scope, forms and connections of the markets for goods, services and resources, as well as the effectiveness of their management. In market conditions of farming, agrarian formations must take into account the requirements of effective market exchange, the purpose of which is the maximum satisfaction of consumers’ needs. In its turn, this raises the need to expand the boundaries of the production and functional interaction of enterprises of all industries, to raise the qualitative level of structural, organizational and technological development, to form a set of scientifically grounded market relations, to expand structural ties in the agro-industrial complex as an integrated production and economic system.
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