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Title: Features of managing digital nomads
Authors: Zhmai, Oleksandr V.
Жмай, Олександр Володимирович
Жмай, Александр Владимирович
Citation: Shaping the future: politics & economics: Proceedings of the International Conference, March 2020.– Dnipro: Dnipro University of Technology, 2020.
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: digital
Abstract: The trend of digital nomadism is growing. Comparing researches “State of Independence in America” by MBO Partners in the 2018 [1] and 2019 [2], we can see that the number the people who identify themselves as a digital nomads increase from 4.8 million people to 7.3 million people (it’s more than 52%). Think about it: 2.5 million people become digital nomads in a year only in America!
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