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Title: The EU regulations as a source of private international law
Authors: Khrapitskaya, M.
Streltsova, Yevdokiia D.
Стрельцова, Євдокія Джонівна
Стрельцова, Евдокия Джоновна
Citation: Збірник тез доповідей студентів, аспірантів та здобувачів – учасників 76-ї звітної конференції Одеського національного університету імені І. І. Мечникова. Секція економічних і правових наук (Одеса, 22-24 квітня 2020 р.). – Одеса : Фенікс, 2020.
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: integration processes
conflict of laws
different countries
Abstract: In today’s world, as the majority of states have been participating in integration processes, there inevitably arise conflict of laws situations when it comes to dispute resolutions involving private participants of different countries. This leads to a legal problem, in the doctrine of private international law named a choice of applicable law, specifically the question is: which country’s law is to be applied when particular relations are simultaneously connected with different national legal systems [1, p. 50]. As it is known, legal systems and private law of different countries differ on many issues therefore the process of choosing applicable substantive law may pose certain difficulties. This may to some extent be eliminated by conflict of laws rules, albeit not always the desired outcome may be reached. Therefore the international community, both at the global and regional levels, had always been in search of new ways of solving the choice of law problems, eventually having realized effectiveness of the unification of law for these purposes.
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