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Title: Monitoring of space objects using Odessa Observatory network of telescope
Authors: Andrievsky, Serhii M.
Bazyey, N. V.
Zhukov, V. V.
Koshkin, Nikolay I.
Kashuba, V. I.
Kashuba, S. V.
Gorbanev, Yuriy M.
Sukhov, P. P.
Podlesnyak, S. V.
Udovichenko, S. N.
Keir, L. E.
Андрієвський, Сергій Михайлович
Андриевский, Сергей Михайлович
Кошкін, Микола Іванович
Кошкин, Николай Иванович
Горбаньов, Юрій Михайлович
Горбанёв, Юрий Михайлович
Citation: Past, Present, and Future (Astroplate III) (Germany, Bamberg, march 11–13, 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Odessa Observatory
modern CCDs
technical characteristics
photometric light detectors
Abstract: In this paper we are presenting optical telescopes of Astronomical Observatory of I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University. We are describing technical characteristics and scientific program for each telescope. Here we also present a description of the tools with which the unique collections of astroplates were obtained under the program “The Sky Service”. Odessa Observatory (46°.28 N, 30°.45 E, altitude 64 m, observation code 086) it has several observational stations. Among them: Mayaki (46.39° N, 30°.27 E, altitude 25 m, observation code 583) and Kryzhanovka (46°.37 N, 30°.48 E, altitude 40 m, observation code A85). Both stations have a good geographical location, as well as good astroclimate (up to 200 clear nights or part of the night). Telescopes are equipped with modern CCDs and photometric light detectors. Odessa Observatory has its own mechanical and optical workshops that are used for construction the new telescopes and manufacture and repair other astronomical equipment.
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