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Title: Technological features formation spectra of luminescence CdS QD
Authors: Smyntyna, Valentyn A.
Сминтина, Валентин Андрійович
Смынтына, Валентин Андреевич
Skobeeva, Valentyna M.
Скобєєва, Валентина Михайлівна
Скобеева, Валентина Михайловна
Verheles, K. A.
Malushin, Nikolay V.
Citation: "X International Scientific Conference “Functional Basis of Nanoelectronics” Collection of Scientific Works. – Kharkiv, 2019.
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: quantum dots sulfide cadmium ( CdS QD)
cadmium and sulfur ions
Abstract: It are presented the results influence of two parameters of synthesis process of quantum dots sulfide cadmium ( CdS QD) on the spectrum luminescence, namely, the acid-base balance of the growth solution and the correlation of reaction components (cadmium and sulfur salts). Carried out the syntheses in which the pH solution was changed in the interval of values from 2 to 10. There were also synthesized CdS QD with different ratios of the initial components. The results obtained by evidence of the fact that the technological process has a significant impact on the formation of bands luminescence CdS QDs . In both cases, the luminescence spectrum had three bands that are localized at λ1 = 462 ÷ 493 nm, λ2 = 555 ÷ 598 nm, λ3 = 660 ÷ 711 nm. The observed features of the effect of these technological factors on the spectrum luminescence of CdS QDs are explained by the fact that, in the synthesis, the concentration of cadmium and sulfur ions is a determining parameter. In the first case, the ion concentration is controlled by the pH value of the solution, and in the second, by the initial concentration of Cd (NO3) 2 and Na2S.
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